Mango Mania ! — East to West
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Now the gardens of king of fruits are not limited to south east Asian countries but it has travelled to most of the countries of the world. Those days have gone when only kings and nobles had their mango groves with private cultivars being great source of pride and social standing and use to send gift of choicest mangoes. Today place your order to Fax Fruit—mango gift basket is delivered in UK. Fax Fruit baskets of mangoes is an unique way to draw attention of near and dear.

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More than 20 million metric tons of mangoes are produced throughout tropical and subtropical world. The leading producer is India, with very little export. Based of FAO reports, Mexico rank first in export and is at second place in production. Brazil, South Africa, Haiti, Guatemala, Venezuela, Peru, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic are major contributors to export markets. Apart from fresh fruits, market for mango juice is also growing well. India is the biggest player in the market with cv. Catering to the high end of the market and Totapuri to the lowest end.

Participation of 39 countries in Sixth International Mango Symposium at Thailand clearly indicate that mango industry is not confined to few pockets of the world rather the countries like Australia and Israel, where its commercial cultivation started few decades back have made significant achievements and is now million dollar earning industry for them.

Lot of online help on mango growing is available on web, if you're already a mangophile, go to Glenn's Mango Page. I hope this site will help you find, grow and use the superior mango. If you're more tentative, well, I hope this site at least whets your appetite. And if you're tired of staring at your computer, try Richard Campbell's great book, "Guide to Mangoes of Florida". The official South African mango home page created by the South African Mango Growers Association tells you everything you ever wanted to know about mangoes and more.