Dr Carolin Bothe

GTZ Visiting Scientist to FAO/AGSI
Information Network on Post-harvest Operations (INPhO)
INPhO expansion and redesign
The “Information Network on Post-harvest Operations” had been in the Internet for more then two years now. In this period the project has received a lot of feedback, suggestions and recommendation. During the last month the INPhO team made great efforts to incorporate a big part of these comments. The result of this is:
Redesign of the Cookbook (Recettes de cuisine, Recetas de cocina)
The INPhO Cookbook is now available with improved search functions and a new design. It provides 795 dishes containing more than 500 different ingredients from 26 commodity groups. The recipes originate from more than 50 countries.
Redesign of the Who’s Who (Qui est qui, Quién es quién)
The Who’s Who was one of the first INPhO applications. As of today 174 Experts from 40 countries have provided their personal profiles. Like the Cookbook the Who’s Who has undergone a redesign. Besides the different look a search for countries or cities and a free keyword search were added to the functionalities. As before experts can add and up-date their personal details via an online input interface.
Traditional Storage (Stockages vivriers traditionnels, Almacenes tradicionales)
The database on Traditional Storage provides detailed information on the construction of traditional stores and storage techniques in Africa. The main purpose of this database is to give extension workers and others some ideas of the many traditional ways of storing food crops in order to provide ideas where small improvements in the light of new technologies and needs can create a well adapted store. The database can be searched by stored products, building materials and/or countries, as well by ethnic group.
Image Gallery (Galerie d'images, Galería de imágenes)
In the Image Gallery a wide range of pictures covering subjects such as stores, insects, storage damage, equipment, processing and many others can be found. The gallery can be browsed page by page or you can search it by country, commodity and/or topic.
Link Database (Banque de liens, Banca de Enlaces)
In the Link Database more than 200 post-harvest related links can be found. They can be search by URL, organization, country, topic or information type. A summary and keywords as well as countries and commodities of relevance describe each link.
Ph-Store & Ph-Shop (Grenier-Pr & Echoppe-Pr, Almacén-Pc & Tienda-Pc)
A visit to the Ph-Store will give direct access to all INPhO applications, including the databases already described. It guides to information according to the logic of the search and the subject. It’s recommendable to enter INPhO via the Ph-Store, if a very specific search, e.g. for the address of an Expert or an Institution, should be performed.
Entering the site via the Ph-Shop the search possibilities are not particularly specific, but several databases can be searched at the same time and a useful overview can be obtained.
Download option
It now is possible to download complete publications from the INPhO Virtual Library to the harddisk as a compressed zip-file. After unzipping they can be read locally without connecting to the Internet. The “Document Download Help” within “Help & Glossary” guides through the process. All new and improved tools are available in English and French. Some parts of the Cookbook are also available in Spanish. The Spanish version will be added as soon as possible.
INPhO would be happy to receive contributions for one or more of the elements described. Of course contributors and/or their organization will receive full credit with their names mentioned as the source of the information provided. All copyrights remain with the originator. In exchange for data INPhO can provide the databases and its structures for local use of institutions and organizations.
The INPhO website can be found at <>. The networks e-mail is <>.