Dr Vinod Kulkarni
NT Department of Primary Industry & Fisheries
GPO Box 990 Darwin NT 0801 Australia.

A new variety of mango recently released in the Northern Territory has been well received locally, nationally and internationally. Celebration is a chance seedling of unknown parentage, discovered at Humpty Doo in 1994 by the Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries’ Senior Horticulturist Dr Vinod Kulkarni.
Australian Plant Breeders’ Rights were granted in 1998, and the first commercial harvest is taking place in 1999.

Celebration fruit is very attractive, firm and is much less susceptible to marking by the fruit sap. It has a mild flavour preferred in the international trade, which highlights its suitability for export. In addition to these attractive features, Celebration trees are much less vigorous than Kensington Pride and other varieties, and flower and fruit regularly without any need for chemical manipulation.

Outstanding Features of Celebration:

  • Very attractive fruit with red blush and a glossy sheen on the fruit.
  • Good taste with mild flavour.
  • Sap burn is negligible due to much less caustic sap.  Sap quantity is considerably less than Kensington Pride.
  • Trees can be planted at higher density than Kensington Pride.
  • These attractive features make Celebration a very superior variety for domestic as well as overseas markets.

    Time of fruit maturity:  Three to four weeks later than Kensington Pride. End of October to November in the Darwin region and expected to be at Christmas time in Queensland.

    Marketing:  The external and internal attributes of Celebration have put this variety in a universal category, which means it will be accepted in all markets. Its real value, however, lies in its suitability for export. With its positive features this variety can easily supersede the leading variety Tommy Atkins in the export market. Another important advantage for the Australian industry is that, being later-maturing than Kensington Pride, it will extend the season to a considerable extent.

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